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Undertale - Genocide Route by TheSlug64Pixel Style Doll Test by WynnchiFlutterin' with my gem by L-Y-N-Sumbreon page doll { free } by snotbbySleeping on a ring by StRliteI'll prove who's no use! by StRlite

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My Best Friends And Awesome Artists: (Let Me Know If I've Missed You)
stamp commission5 by xNeonshadow21
Sisterly BFF .:Stamp:. by RoyalBlackheart


I Love My Friends Stamp by Sugaree-33
Stamp - Naeda's fan - gift by NaedaI love Spyra stamp by SpyraDragonessScarlett stamp by Cameo647

CO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTimeCO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTimeCO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTimeCO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTimeCO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTimeCO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTimeCO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTimeCO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTime

PC - Voltara by MustaPantteri:R: - Voltara by Venus-Dragoness:Commish: - Voltara vs Broken Shadow by Venus-Dragoness:Commish: - Voltara Comforting Candy (3/3) by Venus-Dragoness:Commish: - Broken Shadow and Lights Lament (1/3) by Venus-DragonessAT: Chibi Baby Voltara by dragonpop1Voltara .:RE:. by WinterTheDragonessVoltara avatar - commission by IcelectricSpyroArt Trade: Voltaradragoness by TheLeatherDragonIVoltara fury by AshDragon93Request: Voltage by NemmikinsRequest: Voltara and Rush by NemmikinsRequest: Broken Shadow by NemmikinsVoltara by Cheyenne-RoseRulers of the night by Shyra-DragonflyHeadshots! by LuciaRayadra.:G:. Voltara by Shyra-DragonflyBA - Ringing In The New Year! by LK3Deviantart{Birthday Gift} Voltara by AshDragon93.:R:. The Duskwaves by Shyra-DragonflyVolty And Candy Request - Marionette Collection by ashbee44OC Sketch Headshots by Loki-RyuuVoltara | Draw My OC | By Voltaradragoness by DragonessAnimations:Commish: - Toxic Volume by Venus-Dragoness:Gift/Request:. An angel's family by Shyra-Dragonfly:thumb542042833:-PC- Night breath by AnfaniVoltara (Request) by Cyan-AirusVoltara (Art-Trade) by Cyan-AirusArt Trade by papaii123AT:Toxic Volume by LuciaRayadra:COM: Alexandra The Wolf by ZozanTheDragonBattle of the Purple Dragons by AshDragon93Voltara left for the darkness by AshDragon93Commission: Voltara by AlgebraAngel:Commish: - Anthro Voltara (3/3) by Venus-DragonessKid Icarus: Rockin' by ShadmeTheAngel.:Commission:.  Voltaradragoness by DragonriderSC[AT] Voltara by MonsterDragon99Close the Damn DOOR!! (FNAF) by AshDragon93CM: Angels Vs The Underworld by SkyTheVirusAlexandra the wolf by ribbondragons87Voltara request by SpyraDragonessMLP OC - Fate's Voice Vector by WeegeeStareAtYouCO~ Voltara by DragonFireFangDarkVoltara/Voltage  Avatar by AshDragon93:thumb514850764:Fate's Angels by Poison-Starcommission for Voltaradragoness by UmbreVeonno one will save you by AshDragon93Voltara Avatar by AshDragon93Happy Birthday, Voltara! by Poison-Star:thumb502299658:Do you wanna build a Snowman? - Contest Entery by CelestialCore919Comission voltra by DragonriderSCvoltara in the moonlight by AshDragon93 Random OC Appreciation: Vixie by NemmikinsVolt's Contest Entry by ShadowAurorazVoltaradragoness Entry by JazzyViperThe moon by LuciaRayadraVoltara RQ by Poison-StarBase Request by Blue-AssassinCharacter Get! Voltara by NemmikinsMoonshadow by GingerCat321.:AT:.Shades of purple by WingRag110Commission: Voltaradragoness by xNeonshadow21Commission  : Voltaradragoness by xNeonshadow21.:G:. [UNDERTALE OC]  Krystal Battle by Shyra-DragonflyAlpha Ref by HoodedLoser


Voltaradragoness's Profile Picture
Morgan Rose
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Chibi Fate's Voice pixel by Anais-thunder-penFIGHT (Undertale Stamp) by Falcosartcorner
Chibi Hope pixel by Anais-thunder-penACT (Undertale Stamp) by Falcosartcorner
Chibi Scarlet pixel by Anais-thunder-pen Item by Falcosartcorner
Chibi Voltara pixelb by Anais-thunder-penSAVE (Undertale Stamp) by Falcosartcorner

I Feel What You Feel... [Stamp] by DJCattPeople Cry Stamp by Mirz123Nightowl Stamp by Kezzi-RoseInternet-Stupidity-Stamp by Leathurkatt-TFTiggyDragon Heart - Stamp - by GewalgonPeople are Animals too - Animals are People too by SynstematicWould it matter at all by RandomStampsI hate porn stamp by RanStampsAutism isn't an insult by GuinnygirlExcuse Stamp by TheBloodskinsMusic Lover Stamp by dashen15I feel completely alone by maxiswhatDepression Stamp by SparkLumAmazing Person by SparkLumYet Another Anti-Cutting Stamp by rcsi1Music Stamp by TaylorinchainsStop animal abuse stamp by BlueRavenAngelMusic Determines My Mood stamp by the-emo-detectiveLove Music Stamp by Shinji-SamaMoon Stamp by living-bonesDO NOT FAV- Self-Torture Stamp by stamps-clubStamp - Under a Violet Moon by bibiana-tenebraBlackheart Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxnight STAMP by peterdzignteddy stamp by findyQHell by trinitylastSleep by AnimeGal007Stu-dying by mxloveLousy Homework by ToastersToastToastFAIL As A Girl Stamp by JiiHakuDont need to be popular Stamp by DragoN-FXSelf taught artist - stamp by Eirene86[Stamp] Gratitude by CreepiestFantasy+RealLife Stamp by Monkey-Girl146Sarcastic Stamp by PixieDust01Takeover Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxDemons Stamp by kageru-hinoryuFreaking Airport Stamp by chibi22You Think I Care Stamp by bizarrostampsAnti-Blocking Stamp by In-The-Zone

CO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTime My OCs:
stamp commission4 by xNeonshadow21
Voltara OC REF: Voltara/Voltage (2016) by Voltaradragoness
Zestral (Spyro) OC REF: Zestral by Voltaradragoness
Broken Shadow (MLP) MLP OC: Broken Shadow by Voltaradragoness
Fate's Voice (MLP) MLP OC REF: Fate's Voice by Voltaradragoness
Midnight Mystery (MLP) New OC: Midnight Mystery by Voltaradragoness
Toxic Volume (MLP) MLP OC: Toxic Volume by Voltaradragoness
Morgan (KI) KI OC: Morgan Convexital Rose by Voltaradragoness
Morgan (Nicktoons) Morgan Nicktoons REF by Voltaradragoness
Alexandra (FNAF) FNAF OC REF: Alexandra by Voltaradragoness
Amethyst (Sonic) Amethyst 2016 Reference by Voltaradragoness
Solstice/Absence (Pokemon) Pokemon OC: Solstice/Absence by Voltaradragoness
Silent Night (Skylanders) Skylanders OC REF: Silent Night by Voltaradragoness
Moonshadow (Warriors) Warriors OC REF: Moonshadow by Voltaradragoness
Toxicity (Synx) New Species OC:XynX: Toxicity by Voltaradragoness
Candy (Adopted Flecceveon) New OC: Candy The Fleeceveon by Voltaradragoness
Lunaris Moonflare (Fursona) New OC: Lunaris MoonFlare The Wolf by Voltaradragoness

OC and Canon Friendship stamp by LordPendragonOfCariaMusic helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevetteMy OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27OC stamp by SuyyOC Pairings - Stamp by AstanineStamp: -wishwishwish- by Pyratesque
CO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTime Backstories:

CO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTimeVoltara: Created from the power of the moon's eclipse and harnessed Convexity,she used to be a slave to the dark and carried out death and destruction. However,one day she managed to break free from it's evil grasp and now she wanders alone. Without a destiny or any knowledge on what she is.

CO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTimeVoltage: Voltara's Dark Side. She is what Voltara turns into when her past erupts deep from her heart and mind and takes over.

CO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTimeZestral: Created from the fear of 1000 dragons,she is a carrier of darkness and terror. She spreads her intimidation throughout her world and feels there's no other way. Deep down she does wonder what's really going on.

CO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTimeBroken Shadow: Born from the darkness of Equestria,she was taken in by Princess Luna when she noticed that the filly before had no Cutie Mark. When Luna was banished,Celestia tried to be rid of her by killing her with the elements but Broken Shadow got away and once she ran into the Everfree Forest,she gained a cutie mark. A dark symbol with a broken heart. Ever since she's lived alone,harnessing the magic of others to keep herself alive.

CO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTimeFate's Voice: A unicorn born without access to her magic,her memories start from when she broke free of the chains that bound her to the Everfree Forest and escaped. She has no memory of a mother or father and wishes to learn where she came from or who she is. She then ends up with a strange gem that unlocked her magic and it only deepened the mystery.

CO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTimeToxic Volume: A rebel Siren. She wasn't one for conflict so when she saw Adagio,Aria,and Sonata causing havoc,she called on Starswirl. Before then she tried to kill Adagio for her power but failed. She was pleased when they were sent away but soon the ponies turned on her too. Starswirl didn't even defend her. He just sent her away like the rest. Now no pony knows where she is.

CO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTimeMorgan (KI) : The sins of the human race corrupted this girl. Her hatred and anger for humans festered and attracted an unknown creature to her. It found her amusing and transformed her into an Angel Of Darkness to spread death. After she murdered her entire town,Pit and Dark Pit soon came and defeated her. Unknowing to them,they freed her from the control the creature had on her. Ever since she's lived in Skyworld with the two who saved her and Palutena tried to find the creature that took everything away from her.

CO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTimeMorgan (Nicktoons) : The Syndicate were looking for ways to defeat their adversaries. The solution was a teenage girl with a twisted mind. Using their combined powers,they got her on their side. She fought with the Nicktoons and even took control of one but she was overcome and once free,she joined them in their fight.

CO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTimeAlexandra: Originally an Animatronic for older teenagers,one day it just seemed to come to life and started preforming on stage. It's still not known why she can't seem to be shut off...and why she seems to cry when she sings...

CO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTimeAmethyst: Born with black feathered wings,she was seen as an icon of sin. Her mother was the only one who loved her but because of that love,she was hunted down and killed. In that moment,she saved her young kitten's life by throwing her into a bush but Amethyst still saw the fatal shot that ended her only friend's life. Now she's a thief and Night-Dweller who unwillingly ends up in the cross-fire Dr. Eggman sets off.

CO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTimeSilent Night: Born in CloudCracker Prision when her mother was arrested for attacking a town,she snuck out on a moonless night and covered herself in her disguise. She escaped to the Skylander Acadamy and trained to become a Skylander to free her mother. However,she learned of her mother's sins and left her to rot while protecting her home.

CO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTime MoonShadow: Born from a dying rogue mother,she was taken in by Thunderclan and raised into a slightly sickly distant Warrior. She's a great night hunter and fighter and loves kits. Is part of the prophecy, " When the sun's light fades it will be covered by Moon's Shadow."

CO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTime Midnight Mystery

From the moment she was born,her father knew she was different. From her eyes to her Cutie Mark,it made sense. Due to her look,her father tried to hide her from the world and told the lie that she had died at birth which his mate didn't agree with. Once he had his chance he ran into an abandoned house and attempted to kill the foal but was stopped by the mother who ended up being killed on accident by her husband's rage. Seeing what he'd done,he quickly ran from the shack and leaving the baby who was later found by police. The killer was never found and all they had was the mother's body.

So because there were no relatives to take care of the filly she was put into an orphanage where she spent ten years feeling lonely and sad. She had been given the name Midnight Mystery due to her past and appearance. She received her Cutie Mark when she snuck out of the Orphanage and flew into the moonlit sky. When the moonlight bathed her,she had never felt more alive.

Now after discovering she could sing well due to her silky voice,she sings to children all over Equestria to give them the comfort she never had growing up.

CO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTime Candy:
Cheerful and sweet (As her name in-tales) she often flies around looking for young children to aid since as a kit herself she was quite lonely and sad. Her mother was kind but her father wasn't. He didn't like his kit and one day,her mother stopped protecting her from him so she decided she'd had enough. She ran away one night and spent years on her own...caring for herself.

One day though,several years later...she met a dragoness. The dragoness was bitter toward the world and angry. Candy felt sympathy for her since she knew what that felt like and felt she should try to talk to her. That moment changed everything. The dragoness,who was named Voltara came to like Candy and the two eventually fell in love. However,no love is easy. Not long after they started dating,a dark force began to plague thier home. They ran from it and tried to fight back but when they realized that it had come for them,they gave in to protect themselves. Thus,creating their darkness.

Voltage and Bittersweet. Dark love as some call it

CO-Welcomme name Voltra by DRD-FunTime
CO-Voltara Page doll by DRD-FunTime[COM] 1/2 Morgan The Convexital Angel Pagedoll by WakikiKaei[Commission] The Darkness Inside by Mysteeria:Commish: - Amethyst Pagedoll (1/3) by Venus-DragonessJournal doll com for Voltaradragoness by fang180
CO-Voltara icon by DRD-FunTimeVoltaradragoness by G00EY-GUTS:Commish: - Voltara Icon (2/3) by Venus-DragonessVoltara Gif commision by SpyraDragonessCommission: Night Run by CelestialCore919CO-Voltara icon by DRD-FunTimeVoltara Icon by BlueHibiskus
(Request) Voltara Stamp by SoraRoyals77Voltara stamp by SpyraDragonessCO-Voltara Group icon by DRD-FunTime(Request) Toxic Volume Stamp by SoraRoyals77(Request) An Angel Family by SoraRoyals77(Request) Fate's Voice by SoraRoyals77(Request) Purple winged Angel by SoraRoyals77stamp commission4 by xNeonshadow21stamp commission5 by xNeonshadow21

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Youtube Video Commissions
Why Can't I Be Somepony Else? + Speedpaint by Voltaradragoness
New OC: Lunaris MoonFlare The Wolf by Voltaradragoness
{VENT} Agonizing Shadow... by Voltaradragoness
I'm willing to create videos/art for you and post them on my channel/DA account. But if you have a channel,i'll let you post it there as long as you credit me.
Types Of Videos I Can Do:
PMVs (Pony Music Videos)
Animash (Tributes with multiple fandoms or subjects)
Tributes (With pictures)
Speedpaints (If you wanted art from me)

Prices Are In My Journal. The One Down Here Is a Filler.


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Stuff I'm Waiting On:
CO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTimeVoltara Commission From :iconezz1e:
CO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTime Request From :icondarktornado:
CO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTime Nightmare Voltage (Request) From :iconsketchywings:
CO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTime Request From :iconnemmikins:
CO-Voltara on ball icon by DRD-FunTime Request From :iconpoison-star:

To-Do List:
Draw Nicktoons as Dragons/Ponies

Cute Sprite Army!:
Chibi Voltara pixelb by Anais-thunder-penChibi Fate's Voice pixel by Anais-thunder-penChibi Rush pixel by Anais-thunder-penChibi Shyra pixel by Anais-thunder-penChibi Spyro pixel by Anais-thunder-penChibi Cynder pixel by Anais-thunder-penChibi pixel Anime anais by Anais-thunder-penChibi Winter Pixel by Anais-thunder-penChibi Hope pixel by Anais-thunder-penChibi Scarlet pixel by Anais-thunder-penChibi Naeda pixel by Anais-thunder-pen

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